Perfect Dry Runs with "Preview Mode"

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by Xanthe Ang, Senior Account Executive, Corporate Sales, Customer Outreach  |  05 Jan 2015

You are one week away from the event.

The entire office is working round the clock to make sure that all the nitty-gritty details are accounted for.

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Program
  • Sound
  • Video
  • Emcee
  • Speakers
  • Slides

The event will see more than 10,000 delegates and speakers walking through the door, and all eyes, cameras and lights from around the world will be on the stage.

You can’t afford to lose a footing on the flow of the program. You’ve got to make sure that everything transits smoothly.

Successful events don’t just happen overnight.

Whether you are planning an event for the first or 100th time, one thing remains:

You want your event planning and everything related to it to work out beautifully.

We hear you.

That’s why we’ve introduced Preview Mode to help you get the job done.

Think of it as a “simulator”, where you can have a technical run-through of your Pigeonhole Live setup.

Preview Mode lets you try everything in your Pigeonhole Live setup, from posting dummy questions in Q&A, voting in Poll and sharing a feedback in Survey.

It doesn’t matter who, what, where, when or how – all user responses made during Preview Mode will be cleared when your actual event starts.

While you wouldn’t need a full run-through of your event, it is important that everyone in the team knows ahead of time what their responsibilities are, where they should be during the event, and how the event is going to flow.

This is especially so if you are having a large or uniquely designed event. Getting your key event staff to try out the Admin Panel, Projector Panel and Moderator Panel while your Pigeonhole is in Preview Mode would help them be familiar with the functions of the various interfaces to ensure that the operation runs smoothly.