September 2017 Update Focus: Projector Panel for Solo Presenters

by Lyon Lim, Co-Founder and CEO  |  30 Sep 2017

I'm very excited about this update as it changes the way how solo presenters use Pigeonhole Live for Q&A. (Hint: much much simpler and easier!)

Previously, if a solo presenter were to use Pigeonhole Live, they couldn't "active" a question (enlarge the question on the Projector Panel) without using the Moderator or Admin Panel.

This isn't good for a couple reasons.

  1. Attendees lose track of the question being answered
  2. Questions answered aren't tracked, so reports generated post-event do not show which questions were answered
  3. Q&A Answer Ratings won't be collected as feedback for the Q&A session

With this update to our Projector Panel, we've solving all of the above and making it super simple for presenters to single-handedly manage their Q&A!

Here's how it works:

  • To answer a question, click on the question
  • To mark a question as answered, select the "Mark Answered" option

Watch this video for a quick overview:

This is now our recommended workflow for new users, especially those using our Basic Plan. This doesn't change how Moderator and Admin Panel works with the Projector Panel - it's the same as before.