Securing your event with Pre-created Attendee Profiles and Attendee Codes

Event passcodes have been the single, easiest way to control attendee access to your Pigeonhole. However, because everyone in your event uses the same passcode, it isn't possible to restrict access to specific attendees. This can be an issue for more sensitive and private meetings. Our latest update allows you… continue reading

01 Mar 2017

Greater clarity on what happens when a Pigeonhole ends

Each Pigeonhole Plan have always had a fixed time duration. What happens when this duration has elapsed? There's always been some confusion as to whether the Pigeonhole can still be used and we wanted to clarify this better. We made a visual improvement to communicate that once a Pigeonhole has… continue reading

01 Mar 2017

We now ask for your event date range when setting up a Pigeonhole

When you first setup a Pigeonhole, you'll now be asked to give a start and end date to define the duration of your event. Pop-up screen when you first set up your new Pigeonhole This helps simplify the date selection when adding sessions, as the date picker is now restricted… continue reading

01 Mar 2017

Reordering speaker profiles

When adding speakers and moderators to your session, there previously wasn't a way to order the speakers in a specific sequence. This was a commonly requested feature, and you can now easily reorder speakers in each session. Reordering is incredibly simple. Click on the handle on the left side of… continue reading

07 Nov 2016

Customising Attendee profile fields and social media sign-in

When attendees choose to identify themselves, by default, they are presented with the option to sign in with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, or to simply enter their profile details (Name, Email, Company, Department and Industry). This is now customisable on the new Attendees page under Setup. You can disable social… continue reading

07 Nov 2016

Reordering sessions in the Agenda

Sessions are sorted in the Audience Web App Agenda automatically by their start and end date/time. While this might work for some event setups, sometimes this default sorting mechanism may not be ideal. For example, you may want to allow attendees to post questions from morning, but the actual… continue reading

24 Aug 2016

Embed Pigeonhole Live on your Website

Do you use Pigeonhole Live during a video conference, or a webinar with a live video stream? Maybe you have a event website, or an internal corporate website where you wish to let visitors vote on polls, submit questions for an upcoming town hall, or just see what's coming up… continue reading

24 Aug 2016

Duplicating sessions within a Pigeonhole on your Dashboard

When setting up sessions on your Dashboard Pigeonhole, you can now duplicate an existing session. On your Dashboard Setup > Agenda page, beside each session, click on the button with the arrow icon pointing down. You'll now see a new option, Duplicate. When you click on that, you'll be brought to… continue reading

24 Aug 2016

Finally, our new Dashboard is live!

It's been six months in the works, and I know our whole team is eager to put it in the hands of our users. We previewed this in an earlier post. I'm happy to say that the wait is finally over and our new Dashboard is now live! .pigeon-main #post… continue reading

16 May 2016

Here's our new Dashboard

Our team has been working on this for the last six months, and we can't wait to let you have a go at it! Last year, we launched our new Audience Web App and Panels. With the upcoming release of our new Dashboard, it marks the culmination of our efforts… continue reading

09 May 2016