Securing your event with Pre-created Attendee Profiles and Attendee Codes

Event passcodes have been the single, easiest way to control attendee access to your Pigeonhole. However, because everyone in your event uses the same passcode, it isn't possible to restrict access to specific attendees. This can be an issue for more sensitive and private meetings. Our latest update allows you… continue reading

01 Mar 2017

See when new questions are arriving on the Admin Panel

You've already informed your audience to post questions on Pigeonhole Live. Now comes the part where you actually receive questions from your audience. You're probably thinking, is anyone going to actually post questions? (the answer is yes) You're probably also experiencing some anxiety while waiting for the first few questions… continue reading

01 Mar 2017

It's easier to add tags to new questions, plus a new look

We recently took a second look at tag support in Q&A sessions and identified several areas to improve on. The most important of all was the user experience of adding tags to questions on the Audience Web App. We've now redesigned the question box where tags are added… continue reading

01 Mar 2017

Reusable passcodes are here

We championed the concept of event passcodes as a simple, frictionless way for getting hundreds and thousands of your audience members to quickly sign in to Pigeonhole Live in one simple step. It's one of the many reasons why you get good engagement on our platform. Choosing the right passcode,… continue reading

01 Mar 2017

Admin Panel now works brilliantly on smartphones

The Admin Panel was originally designed to be used on the laptop or tablet which meant we could design the interface to fit a wider screen. Recently, we spoke with several customers and learnt that they have been using the Admin Panel on their smartphones for several reasons. Lack of… continue reading

01 Mar 2017

Polls in Admin and Moderator Panels

Poll sessions are now fully supported on Admin and Moderator Panels. This means it is possible to view poll results directly on both Admin and Moderator Panels, in real-time! A new section at the top of both panels also enables you to view nested polls and a real-time visual representation… continue reading

07 Nov 2016

Reordering speaker profiles

When adding speakers and moderators to your session, there previously wasn't a way to order the speakers in a specific sequence. This was a commonly requested feature, and you can now easily reorder speakers in each session. Reordering is incredibly simple. Click on the handle on the left side of… continue reading

07 Nov 2016

Customising Attendee profile fields and social media sign-in

When attendees choose to identify themselves, by default, they are presented with the option to sign in with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, or to simply enter their profile details (Name, Email, Company, Department and Industry). This is now customisable on the new Attendees page under Setup. You can disable social… continue reading

07 Nov 2016

Word clouds for open-text Polls

You can now visually show answers from open-text Polls as Word clouds on the Projector Panel. As new answers are posted and voted upon, the word cloud will update in real-time. Answers posted will gravitate to the centre, with the highest voted answer positioned in the centre. Here's an animation… continue reading

07 Nov 2016

Reordering sessions in the Agenda

Sessions are sorted in the Audience Web App Agenda automatically by their start and end date/time. While this might work for some event setups, sometimes this default sorting mechanism may not be ideal. For example, you may want to allow attendees to post questions from morning, but the actual… continue reading

24 Aug 2016