June 2017 Features Release

Today, we're announcing several new improvements to Pigeonhole Live. Enterprise Plan customers: Templates support Enterprise Plan comes with unlimited Pigeonholes and sessions for a year. To help you make the most of it, we're introducing Templates to save you valuable time when re-using the same surveys, polls or speakers in… continue reading

07 Jun 2017

It's easier to add tags to new questions, plus a new look

We recently took a second look at tag support in Q&A sessions and identified several areas to improve on. The most important of all was the user experience of adding tags to questions on the Audience Web App. We've now redesigned the question box where tags are added… continue reading

01 Mar 2017

Networking and Cocktail break icons

When creating break sessions, you can now specify if it's a networking break or that cocktails will be served.… continue reading

07 Nov 2016

Reordering sessions in the Agenda

Sessions are sorted in the Audience Web App Agenda automatically by their start and end date/time. While this might work for some event setups, sometimes this default sorting mechanism may not be ideal. For example, you may want to allow attendees to post questions from morning, but the actual… continue reading

24 Aug 2016

Customising date/time display options on the Audience Web App Agenda

On the Audience Web App Agenda, each session always have a designated date and time in a 24 hour time format. Sometimes, the date could be a redundant detail as your event only lasts a day. Other times, you may wish to hide the time, or set the time to… continue reading

24 Aug 2016

Enhancements to Survey

We built our interactive Survey module to be mobile-first, with a simple, focused approach that helps attendees to breeze through questions one at a time. It is customisable enough to support most survey formats but for more complex surveys that requires conditional questions and more, we typically recommend using other… continue reading

24 Aug 2016

Audience Web App and Panels interface support for Simplified Chinese language

We've always supported multilingual text in your event name, session titles, descriptions and more. With this, many of you have gone on to use Pigeonhole Live for events that were conducted entirely in a language other than English, such as Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese and more. While we do not… continue reading

04 May 2016