2014 Product in Review

We had an incredible year — busiest ever in our company's history and we accomplished a lot! We grew to a team of 10 and embarked on an ambitious plan to roll out new features and improvements every month.

The first of which kicked off in October when we moved our entire server infrastructure to Amazon Web Services and launched our new Web Site and Dashboard. With it came:

  • User sign-up and account creation through the Web Site
  • Purchase of Pigeonhole Plans through the Dashboard with subsequent add-ons purchase support
  • Trial Pigeonhole to allow new users a way to experience every functionality of Pigeonhole Live with their teams, from the audience or organiser perspective
  • Preview Mode — an industry first that allows organisers to verify first-hand that everything works as required after setup
  • Fast turn-around time for customer support through a dedicated Help Centre and Ticketing

With our move to Amazon Web Services, we are also primed to handle much greater spikes in traffic as well as improved resilience in uptime and peak performance for users around the world.

In November, we rolled out a fully functional preview of our new Projector, Moderator and Admin Panels. These have been completely rebuilt on our new internal API and promises blazingly fast responses to the tune of 250ms. Apart from new modern interfaces, we also sneaked in support for the ability for organisers to send messages to Moderators, improved performance in handling large numbers of questions and inline-search in Admin Panel and improved stability in handling intermittent connectivity across all the panels.

And we are really only just getting started. We've set many things in motion in 2014 and we'll have more to share in 2015!

Any thoughts? Let us know.