New Projector Poll Chart Types

With the new Projector Panel, you now have additional formats to engage your live audiences when running polls. Under the hood, many changes were made to enhance reliability, better adaptability to different screen resolutions and improved handling for intermittent internet connectivity. The Projector Panel now updates within milliseconds of a vote being cast.

Vertical Bar Chart

The previous panel only supported vertical bar charts. In this new iteration, we modernised the design and colors and tweaked the interface to free up white space to improve content prioritisation. In general, you can expect this chart to work and behave similar to the original vertical bar chart.

Horizontal Bar Chart

This chart type is ideal for polls with longer content. Number of options is restricted to six to maximise legibility on the large screen. When audiences votes, the bars will increase or decrease in length. To further maximise space while preserving legibility, we are exploring new ways to integrate the poll option text within the bars.

Pie Chart

We've always wanted to create this chart type from Day 1. If you look at how it works below, you'll be as excited as we are! This new chart type presents the results in a visually appealing manner. As votes are cast, the segments resizes accordingly in real-time. In addition, poll options with a vote percentage below 10% will be grouped into "Others" in the pie chart and shown individually on the bottom bar instead. This maximises legibility. However, it gets messy with more poll options so Pie Charts are best used for small and simple polls.

For now, if your Pigeonhole has the new panels activated, you will be able to select them for your poll. For users with any Custom Branding tiers, these new chart formats are also able to support your branding.

What's Next

We are also experimenting with new chart formats and will announce them soon as they become available! If you have a chart type that you hope to see on Pigeonhole Live, drop a comment below!

Any thoughts? Let us know.