Time-keeping and Communications - Sending Moderator Messages on the Moderator Panel

How well an event is run depends a lot on time-keeping and communication.

You spend many weeks prior to the event planning the event agenda and deciding how long each panel discussion or session should last. It's important to stick to the schedule as it could mess with the day's activity and plans. You brief the time keepers and crew before the event to ensure everyone is clear. Most of the time though, you're really counting on the cooperation of the speakers and moderators to stick to the time. The reality is many do lose track of time and once on stage, it's difficult to get their attention.

Here's how we can make things easier for you.

At events that use Pigeonhole Live for Q&A, the later part of each session tends to be Pigeonhole Live driven. Speakers and Moderators would be holding a tablet with the Moderator Panel and they will be using it to take questions from the floor.

In other words, besides having eye contact with the audiences and the panellists, our Moderator Panel also has their undivided attention.

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to send messages directly to the Moderator from the backstage? It is seamless and not unexpected, like making them take their phones out to read a message. Audiences won't even know they are receiving messages from backstage.

Instant Messaging from Admin Panel to Moderator Panel

With the new panels, you can now send messages to Moderators on stage from your Admin Panel. Whether it's telling them to take the question with 10 votes, or there's time for only 2 more questions, you can simply type that out in your Admin Panel, click Send, and it'll appear on the Moderator Panel.

When your message appears on the Moderator Panel, everything else is disabled, and the only thing the Moderator can do is read the message and tap on OK. You'll then receive an acknowledgement on your Admin Panel that the Moderator or Speaker has read your message.

There's a bunch of other things you can do too:

  • Send multiple messages. Messages will be stacked on the Moderator Panel. Acknowledgement messages will reference the message too.
  • Use emojis like :) in your messages too

Any thoughts? Let us know.