Sneak Peek: Agenda and speaker profiles

Pigeonhole Live’s Session List has been around for a long time, and while it’s a great way to view all of your event’s interactive sessions, we’ve been hearing a lot of feedback that could make it even better — the ability to add non-interactive sessions to the list.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new and improved feature along with the launch of our redesigned Audience Web App — the Pigeonhole Live Agenda. No longer just a list of interactive sessions, you can now build your entire event agenda into our web app. This includes any sessions for which you don’t intend to use a Q&A, Poll or Survey, such as keynote speeches and coffee breaks.

By displaying your entire agenda on the Pigeonhole Live platform, event attendees will no longer need to refer to two separate apps or websites to view the session lineup and participate in them – they can now do it all from one place.

Breaks and Regular Sessions

We’ve done this by providing two additional session types for you to choose from when building your agenda in the Dashboard — besides our signature Q&As, Polls and Surveys, you can now add Regular Sessions and Breaks to your list.

We understand that every event has it’s own specific needs, so the regular session was built as a generic session type that you can use for any purpose.

And there’s no need to worry about cost, as these new session types are completely free! Our pricing plans are still based on the number of days and interactive sessions that you intend to use, so you’ll be able to add as many regular sessions and breaks as you wish to at no additional cost.

Introducing Speaker Profiles

Of course, an event agenda wouldn’t be complete without being able to include details about each session, so we’ve also introduced support for longer session descriptions and Speaker Profiles.

Once you’ve added speakers to your Pigeonhole in the Dashboard, you can add them to their respective sessions, and they’ll appear on the Agenda immediately. You can even add a profile picture and biography for each speaker.

All this and more, coming soon with our new Audience Web App!

Any thoughts? Let us know.