Embed Pigeonhole Live on your Website

Do you use Pigeonhole Live during a video conference, or a webinar with a live video stream? Maybe you have a event website, or an internal corporate website where you wish to let visitors vote on polls, submit questions for an upcoming town hall, or just see what's coming up in the event via our Audience Web App Agenda?

Previously, you had to reach out to us for an Embed Code. Now, you can easily customise and retrieve the Embed Code, and send it to your website team to implement!

Try it out:

Go to your Dashboard, select your Pigeonhole, and click on the Advanced menu item. Scroll to the Embed Audience Web App section.

When embedded onto your website, you can decide which session Pigeonhole Live will load. If you select none, it'll show the Agenda page.

If you know the exact dimensions of the space available on your web page for Pigeonhole Live, enter them here. Otherwise, just click Get embed code and let your website team figure it out. :)

In the following dialog that appears, just copy the code and send it straight to your website team for implementation. The code is pretty self-explanatory for them.

Embed code

This is how it'll look on your website:

Embedded Audience Web App

It's that simple!

Read about this on our Knowledge Base.

Any thoughts? Let us know.