Reordering sessions in the Agenda

Sessions are sorted in the Audience Web App Agenda automatically by their start and end date/time. While this might work for some event setups, sometimes this default sorting mechanism may not be ideal.

For example, you may want to allow attendees to post questions from morning, but the actual Q&A session only takes place in the afternoon. If you start the session earlier to allow questions, it will no longer be positioned correctly in the Agenda, together with the sessions in the afternoon.

This has been a common issue, and we're glad to finally announce a solution to this!

You can now choose to reorder sessions manually, regardless of the session start and end date/time.

Here's how it works:

On your Pigeonhole's Dashboard Setup > Agenda page, you'll now see this:

Agenda before reordering

When you click on Reorder sessions, your page will refresh, and you'll be presented with this:

Agenda sessions with reorder handles

At this point, you can freely drag the handles on the left side of each session up/down to move them to the intended position. The session position will update accordingly on the Audience Web App Agenda as well.

When you order sessions manually, even when it has ended, it stays in that position. That means that:

  1. We no longer group sessions that have ended under a section "Ended Sessions" in the Audience Web App Agenda
  2. Sessions that have ended will also not move to the bottom

If you wish to go back to ordering sessions automatically by session start and end date/time, just click on reorder by start time. You will lose all the session manual positioning.

You can try this out now on your Dashboard.

Read about this on our Knowledge Base.

Any thoughts? Let us know.