Polls in Admin and Moderator Panels

Poll sessions are now fully supported on Admin and Moderator Panels. This means it is possible to view poll results directly on both Admin and Moderator Panels, in real-time!

A new section at the top of both panels also enables you to view nested polls and a real-time visual representation of the results.


That means that without navigating to the poll from the current Q&A session, you can actually see if people are actively voting, and what the results are looking like so far. For example, no votes has been cast yet for the poll on the right.

You can click onto the poll to view the full results. In this sample poll, we decided to use Emojis instead of text for the poll answer options.


If you look closely, you'll see that the screenshots above show the Moderator Panel. Well, it looks and works the same in the Admin Panel too!

For the Moderator Panel, we are always careful to avoid adding new functionality and complicating the interface for Moderators/Speakers. As such, nested poll sessions don't appear by default on the Moderator Panel. To enable it, you will enable the "Show nested sessions" option in the Options panel.


Any thoughts? Let us know.