Word clouds for open-text Polls

You can now visually show answers from open-text Polls as Word clouds on the Projector Panel. As new answers are posted and voted upon, the word cloud will update in real-time.

Answers posted will gravitate to the centre, with the highest voted answer positioned in the centre.

Here's an animation of how it looks:

World cloud on the Projector PanelRight now, only open-text polls support Word cloud projector chart type. Instead of a 200 character limit for answers, word cloud answers are restricted to a maximum of 4 words and 40 characters.


If you use the Grid projector chart type, the answer limit is still 200 characters.

On Admin Panel and Moderator Panel, the answers are still displayed in the same way as before (Grid-like). This means you can still do things like marking a specific answer "Active" to enlarge the answer in a speech bubble.

Try it now! If your Demo Plan Pigeonhole has expired, drop us a support ticket and we'll add a new one for you.

Any thoughts? Let us know.