Admin Panel now works brilliantly on smartphones

The Admin Panel was originally designed to be used on the laptop or tablet which meant we could design the interface to fit a wider screen.

Recently, we spoke with several customers and learnt that they have been using the Admin Panel on their smartphones for several reasons.

  1. Lack of laptop or tablet device they could use
  2. Mobility, to be able to move around even while managing the session from the Admin Panel
  3. Limited room at the backstage console

The Admin Panel was usable on smartphones, but it wasn't a great experience so naturally we had to do something to fix that!

Here's how the Admin Panel looks on a smartphone now. We realigned and reordered the buttons. We also allowed the text responses to flow better across the screen. Information display is also more logical now.


It's a simple improvement, but probably a huge productivity gain for those who use our Admin Panel on your smartphones. Enjoy! :)

Any thoughts? Let us know.