Greater clarity on what happens when a Pigeonhole ends

Each Pigeonhole Plan have always had a fixed time duration. What happens when this duration has elapsed? There's always been some confusion as to whether the Pigeonhole can still be used and we wanted to clarify this better.

We made a visual improvement to communicate that once a Pigeonhole has ended, it cannot be used anymore. To that end, you'll now not be able to change any setting or text in any fields.


You'll still be able to access your Pigeonhole and view all your configured settings.

Most importantly, Insights are still available. Responses collected will always be viewable and you can download them to save locally as PDF and Excel exports.

As part of this release as well, passcodes from Pigeonholes that have ended can now be reused. There is however a two days buffer from the time the Pigeonhole has ended, before the passcode can be reused.

If you have any further questions, do reach out to us anytime through our support request available from your Dashboard account.

Any thoughts? Let us know.