June 2017 Features Release

Today, we're announcing several new improvements to Pigeonhole Live.

Enterprise Plan customers:

Templates support

Enterprise Plan comes with unlimited Pigeonholes and sessions for a year. To help you make the most of it, we're introducing Templates to save you valuable time when re-using the same surveys, polls or speakers in your Pigeonholes. Learn more

Password policies

To allow team owners and team leads more control over team member Dashboard account security, it's now possible to require change of passwords every 90 days, as well as to prevent password reuse. These settings are disabled by default. Learn more

Available to all:

Projector Panel Controls

We're making it easier than ever to use the Projector Panel. With Projector Panel Controls, you can change how responses are displayed on-screen and show sign-in instructions via a simple point and click interface. Learn more

Q&A Answer Ratings

We're continuing to innovate on making Q&As better. Once a question has been answered, do you know how well attendees thought it was answered? Now you do. Such attendee sentiments will also help you craft better experiences for attendees. Learn more

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