July 2017 Features Release

For this month's release update, we're excited to introduce new capabilities to improve engagement at your events and meetings!

Send announcements to participants

You can now update participants with timely messages throughout your meetings and events. They receive them on the Audience Web App. You can also associate announcements with redirect actions so participants are redirected to a specific Pigeonhole session. In our pre-launch trials, we found it very effective at increasing participation in polls and feedback surveys! Learn more

Add correct answer to poll questions

Once participants have voted, as the organiser, you now have the option to reveal the answer to show how many participants got the correct answer. Participants on the Audience Web App will also be notified if they answered the question correctly. Learn more

Creating new templates (Enterprise Plan users only)

Previously you could only create templates from existing sessions in your Pigeonholes. We've removed that limitation and you can now create new templates directly. Learn more

Have you started using templates?

It's a huge time-saver. If you have regular meetings that use the same setup (e.g. feedback surveys, or same speakers you add to your agenda), re-creating them over and over again is a chore. Some teams also use templates to define how certain events are set up as a workflow.

As we make continuous improvements to Pigeonhole Live, your feedback and opinions matter. Tell us what features you want by emailing me here.

Any thoughts? Let us know.