September 2017 Update Focus: Projector Panel for Solo Presenters

I'm very excited about this update as it changes the way how solo presenters use Pigeonhole Live for Q&A. (Hint: much much simpler and easier!)

Previously, if a solo presenter were to use Pigeonhole Live, they couldn't "active" a question (enlarge the question on the Projector Panel) without using the Moderator or Admin Panel.

This isn't good for a couple reasons.

  1. Attendees lose track of the question being answered
  2. Questions answered aren't tracked, so reports generated post-event do not show which questions were answered
  3. Q&A Answer Ratings won't be collected as feedback for the Q&A session

With this update to our Projector Panel, we've solving all of the above and making it super simple for presenters to single-handedly manage their Q&A!

Here's how it works:

  • To answer a question, click on the question
  • To mark a question as answered, select the "Mark Answered" option

This is now our recommended workflow for new users, especially those using our Basic Plan. This doesn't change how Moderator and Admin Panel works with the Projector Panel — it's the same as before.

Any thoughts? Let us know.