Add images to your audience engagement polls

Regardless of whether you’re conducting a conference, team brainstorming session or simply a fun ice breaker activity, there are many benefits to adding images to your audience engagement polls.

We now support images in every type of live poll that we offer: multiple choice, open-text, word cloud and quiz, so you can spice up your presentations.

What you need to know about adding images to your live polls:

1. You can add images to your poll questions and poll answers


Multiple-choice Poll with image answer options on Projector Panel 
Multiple-choice Poll with image answer options on Audience Web App


Using just words to convey a message in your question or answer options can be rather limiting at times, especially when you are trying to describe more abstract concepts.

By adding images to poll questions and as poll answers, you can express yourself with added clarity and flair. Having images in your polls also make it more fun and refreshing for audience to engage with, hence prolonging their attention to your presentation.

Note: Adding images as poll answers is limited to Multiple-choice Polls and Quiz only.

2. Your images are stored encrypted

Images are important assets. That’s why it’s important that the platforms you upload your visual assets, to either vote or brainstorm on for internal meetings, treat the asset with an appropriate level of security.

We treat any images that you upload onto Pigeonhole Live Polls with the same level of security as any information on the platform. This means that your images are encrypted in transit and at rest and subjected to the same security and permissions as your Pigeonhole.

Some best practices to keep in mind 

We know it's exciting to add images to your polls! However, it's important that you look out for the details below, so you are not met with any surprises during your live poll or after. 

1. Make sure your image files are big enough to have good resolution on your Projector but not too big that it takes too long to load. We recommend a maximum of 5 MB images. 

2. Make sure the format of the image you are uploading is compatible with our platform. For Polls, we support JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP

3. If you are using an image you found on the Internet,  be sure to check if you are legally allowed to use it. If you are, make sure you still comply with the image's copyright licence. For more information on copyright licences, check out this page.

Add images to your polls today to have a more exciting engagement with your audience!

Find out how.

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