Introducing Starred Responses

Whether it’s a conference or company town hall, moderators are tasked with the difficult job of guiding a smooth and meaningful conversation.

While votes are a great way to indicate interest from the floor, the ability to further curate highly voted questions ensures the conversation is well-represented in topics and speaker time.

To help you guide better conversations, we are happy to introduce Starred Responses. 

What is Starred Responses? 

Starred Responses is a content curation feature that allows moderators to highlight questions and responses they want speaker(s) to prioritise. Starred Responses is available in Q&A sessions and Open-ended Polls. 

When to use Starred Responses? 

To provide speakers with a diverse set of questions

During company town halls, CEOs receive a large number of highly-voted questions to address in limited time. As a moderator, you can use Starred Responses to highlight a few questions from the list of questions submitted and voted by the audience, based on your knowledge of company efforts and the diverse set of issues that the CEO wishes to cover. 

To ensure a balanced panel session 

Highly active panel sessions with multiple speakers may have a disproportionate number of questions addressed to one speaker. As a moderator, you can further curate questions using Starred Responses to give balanced Q&A time to all speakers and provide a representative Q&A session. 

How to use Starred Responses? 

When conducting Q&A sessions on Pigeonhole Live, you can select questions or responses to “star” in your Admin Panel or Moderator Panel, automatically placing them in a separate tab as shown below. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 3.11.03 PMOn the Projector Panel, you can easily toggle between the All questions and Starred questions view using the display options, as shown below. 


Starred Responses is available to all customers, from Basic Pigeonhole users to Enterprise Plan users. 

Click here to access a step-by-step guide on using Starred Responses. 

Any thoughts? Let us know.