Here's What Our 2018 Looked Like!

Last year was one long rollercoaster ride - with many ups and downs and all the unexpected that happened in just one year: we had the iconic Trump and Kim summit in Singapore, the first woman of colour joined the British Royal family, the Yanny and Laurel debate broke the internet yet again… and many more.

We had a pretty exhilarating year here at Pigeonhole Live too, packed with numerous feature releases and upgrades, celebrating our 8th anniversary and doubling the size of our team. Together, we braved through the obstacles thrown our way and cherished the equally many moments of celebrations before stepping into 2019, both grateful and hopeful to embark on the next exciting journey.

Here is our year in review - with the many milestones that put a cherry on top of our year. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did working on it!

Pigeonhole Live Features

From a whole new poll type, to sharing text answers to your attendees’ questions, and understanding them better – in 2018 we wanted you and your audience to have a more enriched experience on Pigeonhole Live. Here’s a list of Pigeonhole Live features that we released in 2018:

1. Quiz and Leaderboard

2. Image Polls

3. Answers

4. Attendee Profiles

5. Integration - Twitter Wall, Videos, Slides

6. Comment Filtering

7. Word Cloud Insights

8. Duplicating Pigeonholes

Security and Data Privacy Features

Data security is always a priority to us. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure you are in compliance with your organisational security requirements and regulations such as GDPR and PDPA. Here’s a list of security features we released in 2018:

1. SSO for Team Accounts

2. SSO for Attendees

3. Team Audit Logs

4. GDPR Compliance

5. Collect Consent from Attendees

6. IP Address Whitelist

UX improvements

We improved our platform to ensure the best user experience for you and your attendees, with the following UX related improvements:

1. Admin Panel redesign

2. Audience Agenda design improvements

One of great things about being a company our size is that we get to directly engage our customers to understand their pains, and ideas for the future and allow that to shape our product trajectory. And as we gear up to introduce new features and a better experience for you this year, we would love for you to become an active part of the journey!

Join our Customer Feedback mailing list, so our product design team can reach out to you to gather feedback on new releases and suggestions on what you would like to see on Pigeonhole Live.

Simply head over to your Pigeonhole Live Dashboard > Account and Billing > Account. Under Email Notifications, select Yes for Customer Feedback emails. 

We hope to engage you in more meaningful conversations in 2019!


Any thoughts? Let us know.