See when new questions are arriving on the Admin Panel

You've already informed your audience to post questions on Pigeonhole Live. Now comes the part where you actually receive questions from your audience.

You're probably thinking, is anyone going to actually post questions? (the answer is yes) You're probably also experiencing some anxiety while waiting for the first few questions to arrive.

Our latest improvement helps reduce some of your anxiety in such situations. (No, it doesn't magically come up with questions for your Q&A session)

When attendees are typing in the question box on the Audience Web App, we'll actually bring up a typing indicator on the Admin Panel and show you how many are crafting a new question!

Besides Q&A, this also works for open-text Poll answers.

We're also thinking hard about many other areas that we can work on to improve both the audience as well as organiser experience. If you have any suggestions, reach me here!

Any thoughts? Let us know.