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Introducing Starred Responses

Curate questions and responses for your moderator to prioritise with Starred Responses. Available in Q&A sessions and Open-ended Polls. 

Spruce up your Pigeonhole with Themes

Change how your Pigeonhole looks for each event or meeting with themes of cityscapes, solid colours and nature stills.

Introducing Assessment: designed for every Learning and Development need

Skills assessments, product knowledge tests, refreshers on compliance...whatever your learning and development needs, Assessment is designed to meet it.

Better Compliance Management on Pigeonhole Live With Customise Pigeonhole Settings

Customise Pigeonhole Setting allows you to have better control over how your team members use Pigeonhole Live for company events in the aspects of data anonymity, SSO, Pigeonhole appearance and integrations.

Pigeonhole Live, now available in 20 languages.

Organising an event in your local language? Pigeonhole Live now supports 20 languages, so you can facilitate meaningful conversations in your local language.

Here's What Our 2018 Looked Like!

If you missed out on any of our 2018 feature releases and upgrades, here's a recap!

Up for Promoting Some Healthy Competition? Say Hello to Quiz Leaderboard!

Say hello to excitement and healthy competition during quiz sessions with Quiz Leaderboard.

Add Images to Your Audience Engagement Polls

Now, you can add images to the Pigeonhole Live Polls for a fun and exciting audience engagement.