It's Quiz time!

Remember back in high school when your teacher announced a test, and your classmates responded with protesting groans? Let’s face it, no one likes tests!

However, if you’re a corporate trainer or HR personnel, I’m sure you now understand your teacher’s dilemma. You’ve worked hard to formulate your content and deliver it to your audience. Your only metric for success is how much they gained from your session.

The only difference is, you cannot force a test on a group of professionals or worst, your colleagues. What you can do is engage them in a fun live quiz. It does trick but takes the element of pressure off! On top of that, you get the metrics you need to assess your success instantly.

Here’s why our Quiz feature is going to become your latest pet:

It’s real-time engagement

Unlike high-school, you don’t have to wait for students to hand in the scripts before you can mark and return them. Kill two birds with one stone: keep your audience engaged during content delivery with quick quizzes while simultaneously testing content reception.

Get your audience excited


Our quiz feature comes with a timer option. When enabled, the quiz runs independently from start to end. Take advantage of the child in your audience and use this feature to get them in a frenzy to pick the right answer fast!

Take control of your delivery

We understand that you might want to review content with each question for a more detailed delivery. Run the quiz without a timer to give yourself enough room to debunk any misconceptions before moving on to the next question.

Keep your audience informed


Your audience is instantly notified of the correct answer for each question along with their cumulative score at the end of the quiz. This way, they know how they’ve fared and can clarify any doubts they have immediately.

Feeling quiz-zy? Take this feature for a test-run! 

Any thoughts? Let us know.