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Conversations to Change the World: Jovan Tan, Right Foundation

To inspire social change, you must first have a conversation. Jovan Tan from the RIGHT Foundation talks about using audience engagement tools to make a difference in the world.

Winner takes all: Introducing Quiz

Test audience knowledge and improve engagement during your presentation using our Quiz feature!

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Anonymous feedback gets a bad rap, but it can improve internal communication and employee engagement in the workplace. Here's five ways you can make anonymity work for your team.

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Too many unanswered Q&A questions? Now you can follow up with text answers after the session is over!

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Making the Leap From Organising In-person Events to Live Stream Events

If your organisation does not already live stream events, there’s no time better than the present to take the plunge. With the live streaming technology and audience engagement platforms available now, it is incredibly simple to get started.

Integration with Kollective - Enterprise Video Platform

Bring your live and on-demand videos from Kollective Platform into Pigeonhole Live. Customers can also now integrate Pigeonhole Live within Kollective for seamless live audience engagement.