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We now ask for your event date range when setting up a Pigeonhole

This helps simplify the date selection when adding sessions, as the date picker is now restricted to this duration you specify.

Securing your event with Pre-created Attendee Profiles and Attendee Codes

Our latest update allows you to secure your Pigeonhole by uploading a list of attendees, and verifying each attendee's access.

Reusable passcodes are here

Because choosing the right passcode, like a memorable, brand-related name, plays a part in getting good engagement.

It's easier to add tags to new questions, plus a new look

Tags will help you run Q&A sessions with more complex topic discussions and also support a larger number of questions.

Greater clarity on what happens when a Pigeonhole ends

Each Pigeonhole Plan have always had a fixed time duration. What happens when this duration has elapsed?

Polls in Admin and Moderator Panels

It's now possible to view poll results directly on both Admin and Moderator Panels, in real-time!

Reordering speaker profiles

This was a commonly requested feature, and you can now easily reorder speakers in each session.

Customising Attendee profile fields and social media sign-in

This customisation option paves the way for many interesting features we have lined up.

Networking and Cocktail break icons

When creating break sessions, you can now specify if it's a networking break or that cocktails will be served.