Recent posts

Reordering speaker profiles

This was a commonly requested feature, and you can now easily reorder speakers in each session.

Customising Attendee profile fields and social media sign-in

This customisation option paves the way for many interesting features we have lined up.

Networking and Cocktail break icons

When creating break sessions, you can now specify if it's a networking break or that cocktails will be served.

Word clouds for open-text Polls

To see textual trends, you can now visually show answers from open-text Polls as real-time Word clouds on the Projector Panel.

Reordering sessions in the Agenda

You can now choose to reorder sessions manually, regardless of the session start and end date/time.

Embed Pigeonhole Live on your Website

Do you use Pigeonhole Live during a video conference, or a webinar with a live video stream?

Duplicating sessions within a Pigeonhole on your Dashboard

When setting up sessions on your Dashboard Pigeonhole, you can now duplicate an existing session.

Customising date/time display options on the Audience Web App Agenda

This update allows you to specifically configure how you want the date and time to appear.

Enhancements to Survey

We've built it to be mobile-first, with a simple, focused approach that helps attendees to breeze through questions one at a time.