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Getting your team aligned on decisions is no easy feat. Here are 20 team alignment exercises to guide your team through the process.

Before Inviting Employee Feedback, First Learn to Accept Feedback

An organisation's attempt gather feedback can be undermined by an often-overlooked part of the feedback process: how the feedback is received.

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Keeping a room full of people engaged while teaching new concepts is a monumental task. Here are 20 activities to spice up your next workshop.

Introducing Starred Responses

Curate questions and responses for your moderator to prioritise with Starred Responses. Available in Q&A sessions and Open-ended Polls. 

10 Best Tips, and Softwares to Plan and Run a Successful Virtual Town Hall

Planning a virtual town hall? Here are 10 tips, and software you can leverage on to plan and execute a successful and engaging one.

Spruce up your Pigeonhole with Themes

Change how your Pigeonhole looks for each event or meeting with themes of cityscapes, solid colours and nature stills.

8 Ways to Make Your Town Hall Meeting an Engaging Company Event

Town hall meetings can be highly-effective avenues to engage your employees. Here are 8 simple ways to make that happen.

How to Save Your Company from the Loudest People in the Room

We all know that one person who easily takes over the meeting. But how does that person affect your team?